The Solution Shower wipes

The Solution Shower wipes are high quality disposable, pre-moistened wipes that can be used instead of bathing during cold weather or as a top-up between baths or cleaning purposes. They are handy and on the go bathing solution when out and about, travelling or visiting.

Pleasant to use, The Solution Shower is a range of specialized bathing wipes available for intimate hygiene and special cleansing tasks that comes in a handy case of 10 wipes.

You can warm your unopened pack of the Solution Shower before using them in a microwave or you can even use your wipes cool straight from the pack for a fresher feel on warm days.

Each Solution Shower wipe is pre-impregnated with a combination of skin cleansers, designed to remove sweat, dirt, urine and faces while moisturizers nourish and hydrates the skin.



Perfect for cleaning dirt and bad odour without soap,water and towel.


PH Neutral

Made up of ph neutral formula like pure water.No acidic content added.


Gentle Fomula

Safe for those with sensitive skin as they are designed in such a way.



You will left with refreshing and soothing fragrance after using these wipes.



These are completely soapfree wipes infact they moistures skin like a baby cream.



Will not dry out skin rather will leave it hydrated and full of life.