Enhanced Lifting & Wiping Performance

Permium FormularionsTM Hight Traction XL Personal Cleansing Cloths provide an enhanced lifting and wiping performance with fast, easy incontinence care and quick cleanups. Being free from parabens, alcohol, & phthalates, these super soft, lightweight and thick wipes are premoistened with Vitamin E, Chamomile, & Aloe Vera is gentle & beneficial to the skin.


Permium XL Wiping Performance

Our Premium Formulations Extra Large Personal Cleansing Cloths will revitalize, refresh and re-new your mood.

Enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Chamomile, every wipe gently cleans, moisturizes and soothes from the roughest to the most delicate skin.

Extra durable and Extra large for Extra cleansing. Our XL Personal Cleansing Cloths contain No Alcohol and are meant for external use only. Perfect as a between shower wash-off.

As you take advantage of the High Traction Cloth with Enhanced Lifting & Wiping Performance you definately notice the cleansing power and feel the quality of the cloth.

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Product Highlights

  • Extra strong and large size cloths.
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera & Chamomile
  • Gently cleanses, moisturizes and soothes delicate skin.
  • No paraben, alcohol & phthalates.
  • Hi Traction cloth for enhanced lifting & wiping performance.

Product Highlights

  • Material: Spunlace, 55 gsm
  • Sheet Size: 8" x 12"
  • Flip Top lid pack with 56 wipes per pack
  • Pack dimension: (L) 12.2"x(W)4.3"x(H)2.56"
  • Product weight: 1.61 lb./0.730 kg
  • Product barcode(POS) UPC-A12 : 812898013105

Case Specification

  • Case contents: 56 wipes x 12 packs
  • Case dimension: (L) 14.37" x (W)9.84" x (H)11.41"
  • Case weight: 21.16 lbs / 9.60 kgs.
  • Case cube: 0.02 m3 / 0.93 ft3
  • Case barcode: ITF-14 : 10812898013102

Pallet Configuration

  • Pallet type: US (L) 48" x (W) 40"
  • Configuration: Ti-12 / Hi-4 = 48 cases / pallet
  • Loading height: 45.64" (+ pallet)
  • Pallet weight: 1015.9 lbs / 460.8 kgs.
  • (+ Pallet Weight Extra)
  • Pallet cube: 1.63 m3 / 57.7 ft3